1920 Pierce Street , Hollywood Development

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Vaastu Capital is excited to announce its first purchase of 1.5 acre property in Hollywood Fl in November 2023 and we are excited about future mixed use development we are planning. Both Andrew and I want to thank our investors for subscribing to Four Million Dollars within 6 days .Throughout history, multi-family real estate has proven to be a highly lucrative investment avenue, yielding remarkable returns. However, individual investors often face challenges associated with managing the property, including the costs of hiring a property manager, dealing with tenants, overseeing maintenance, handling mortgages, insurances, property improvements, and rent collection. Furthermore, the size of the property they can acquire is often restricted. Real estate syndication offers a transformative solution by eliminating the complexities of single-owner investing and transferring the management responsibilities to a specialized real estate syndication company. With this approach, investors can enjoy the benefits of real estate investment without the burdensome tasks and limitations that come with sole ownership.

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Vaastu Capital created series of webinars to explain how this investment works, meet part of our team and learn more about the process of investing in multi-family properties. Some of the topics you will learn: •How to Invest Your Retirement Funds in Real Estate •How to Evaluate a Sponsor •An Overview of Syndication •And the Basic of Underwriting

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